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Brainpower, this MC is a dutch award-winning HipHop-artist, with several hits in the Dutch charts (e.g. ‘ Dansplaat’ ) during the past years.
Alongside the release of his album ‘ Dub & Dwars’ he toured across The Netherlands and Belgium. In the live band formed for this tour Clarence was the keyboard-player.


Clarence composed soundtrack-music for this documentary titled ‘Jaji’. It’s a documentary about the further development of the Javanese/Indonesian diaspora, from Indonesia to Surinam and to The Netherlands.
The documentary was played in several cinemas in The Netherlands, Surinam and Indonesia. Later on it was broadcasted on local Dutch televison.

Funx Radio

For an annual special show on this urban radiostation, well-known by urban music fans, several Dutch urban artists perform live at the live broadcasting of the show. Clarence played the keys during those live broadcasting-sessions.

Poor Man Friend

In this reggae-band he was a keyboardplayer for several years. He composed some tracks on the first released album. Had various performances in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, on various (reggae-)festivals and clubs. They were support-act for international reggae-artists like Yellowman and Alpha Blondy, and were in the same line-up with Lucky Dube and Bushman. One of the band’s songs (titled ‘ Sister’) was ever used in an episode of a Dutch TV-soap show called ‘ Goede tijden, Slechte Tijden’ (Good times, bad times).

Carribean Boys

In this allround-band (mainly Caribbean Music) Clarence plays keyboard and saxophone on different occasions (weddings/birthdays and sometimes bigger events).
In 2018 they performed in the city of Haarlem at the ‘ Haarlem Jazz & More’ festival.


Clarence composed and produced various lounge and chillout inspired music for Fysage. It's an international company, focused on wellness products, especially to connect people to nature. Customers of Fysage can download the music for a total experience of the Fysage product.

Check out the Fysage website on and be welcome to experience it!

Le Freak

In this band (with mainly Surinam-Javanese roots) he played the keys. They had several performances, also in Surinam, where mostly Surinam-Javanese people know their music. Clarence also had a role in a music video of the singer.


Female singer M’lissa (Melissa) is a former contestant of the national Junior Songcontest. Later on she was a contestant of the TV-show The Voice Of Holland (2018). Before that she recorded the song ‘Tambourine Man’, where Clarence played the saxophone in her videoclip of this song.


He is a former X-factor TV-show finalist. For his first solo song (‘ Zoek naar jou’ / ‘ Search for you’ ) the music and lyrics were composed by Clarence. In the music video of the song Clarence had a performance in a background role.


Worked on music compositions for this album in a collaboration with Nick Boot (producer), and several vocalists performed on the music. The theme of the album was about the colonial history and relation between Indonesia and The Netherlands. A few of the songs were also performed live with a live horn-orchestra/chapel, as a part of a bigger gala. In this live performance Clarence also played the keys. Later on the gala was broadcasted on national TV ((Dutch station called ‘ TROS) and was released on DVD.

CJ & Guy

Guy (keyboardplayer & singer) and Clarence (keys/saxophone) perform as a duo in smaller venues, like restaurants, receptions and small networking events. Mainly as a background music act.


The above mentioned is a selection of many more experiences with more music-related activities through the years until now.